Saturday, 29 December 2012

Eating Filipinos

No, I do not eat my own kind. I love my people.

But who can resist the novelty of eating something that's named after your own ethnic group? ^^ So today while at the grocery for my dinner needs, I finally gave in and grabbed a pack of Filipinos Leche!

There are actually three variants of Filipinos:
Negro (dark chocolate biscuit with dark chocolate cover)
Leche (vanilla butter biscuit covered with milk chocolate, hence the leche)
Blanco (vanilla butter biscuit covered with milk chocolate)

Supposedly, back in early 2000s there was a furor about these biscuits. Some high-ranking government officials from my homeland demanded the Filipinos brand name to be changed as they felt it was insulting and demeaning to us. I guess that didn't go far, haha, as these cookies are still widely available here in Spain.

The biscuits in their full glory.

The biscuit itself is nice, buttery with a crumbly mouthfeel, similar to Cebu's rosquillos, down to the hole in the middle.

The chocolate coating is labeled as 100% pure milk chocolate, as opposed to usual, cheap and synthetic tasting chocolate compound coating used in choco-coated goodies. The chocolate tastes good but is very sweet. Too sweet for my taste.

Overall, just a decent, choco covered biscuit. But there is nothing earth-shaking about these mass market cookies. A bit expensive too at 1.5€, when there are cheaper biscuits going for less than 1€.

I do think these would be great, tongue-in-cheek pasalubong to friends and family when I go home to Pinas:

What's your pasalubong for me?
Filipinos nga!
Weeeh?Joke ba to? Lokohan?!
Hindi no! Eto o! *Sabay abot ng cookies* Haha!

Oh, and I have to remind my braggart self to one day follow through on munching on the remaining Filipino cookies in the pack so I can say, with conviction, that I eat Filipinos for breakfast. *grin*

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