Monday, 24 December 2012

First >Cheap< Buys in Madrid

I've been in Madrid for nearly a week, and as much as I do not want to spend, as payday is still a month away, I needed to buy some grooming items so today after breakfast, I roamed around a bit and came home with these:

I bought most of the goodies from Tiger, a European discount chain which started in Denmark. The prices are pretty good, and the store has a clean, IKEA feel to it.

From left, Clockwise:
Ruler Set ~ I need this for work: for marking up documents etc . Price: 2€

Lakerol Sugar Free Pastilles in Cactus and Original~ For my sore throat. 2 boxes for 1€

Tiger Cotton Sticks
~ 1€

Tiger Japanese Doll Tweezers ~ 1€

Tiger Nail Cutter ~ 1€

I also saw that Tiger has 1€ cosmetics -- nail polish, eyeshadows and lip balms. Will try check them out more closely sometime .

Since my hair is turning brittle again, I dropped by the nearby GILGO Perfumeria to buy:

Loreal Elvive Liso-Intense Treatment. 3.25€
I am surprised how less expensive Loreal hair products are here compared to Phil. prices. I saw the Loreal Mythic Oil here and it was just 6.25€ (about 400 Pesos) . Sad, as I bought one from the Bench Fix Salon for PHP 995.00

Rimmel Special Eyes Precision Eye Liner Pencil. 3.5€. Expensive, definitely more expensive than the Loreal liner pencils which were selling for less than 3€ but I got excited, seeing Rimmel, which is a UK drugstore brand that's hard to get in Korea and the Philippines, so I bought it instead.

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  1. I feel you, sista. Sometimes we buy something because we've longed to have it for so long :)


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