Sunday, 6 January 2013

Snack Attack: "Sin" Discoveries in Spain

It's not what you think. "Sin" in Spanish means without or none.

Thus, sin lactosa = lactose free
sin gluten = gluten free

What do you do if, like me, you love cookies and breads but have a sensitivity to gluten? You either stay away from anything made with wheat flour, or eat these foods anyway and suffer the headaches, bloated feeling and sinus clogging as forms of punishment.

So I was happy to discover that glutenfree goodies are available in Spain. I even saw glutenfree pastas, cookies, muffins, and even Dukan-specific sauces available at the food section of big supermarkets. And the prices are not much different from "regular" goodies, only about 20 -50 cents more expensive.

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping and stocked up for next week's snacking needs:

Gullon Glutenfree Cookies. There are about three variants of Gullon glutenfree cookies I've tried, but these cookies, called Pastas, are my favorites. These are made from corn and rice flour and have a nice vanilla flavor which goes perfectly with my lactose free milk. Lactose intolerance comes in different degrees, my intolerance causes me to have diarrhea, so unless its lactose free, I stay away from milk and milk products.

Glutenfree, kettle cooked Potato Chips -- made in Spain the old fashioned way and flavored with nothing else but salt.

Glutenfree Bread-- gluten free bread have a certain bite that's not found on regular breads. They're great for sandwiches and toasted with butter .

Glutenfree bread as part of my lazy sunday lunch: burger, glutenfree bread, salad greens, a small portion of potato chips, and my favorite condiment at the moment -- alioli (like garlic mayonnaise, only ultra lighter and more delicious).

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