Thursday, 28 February 2013

Chocolate, Almond Milk and a Whiff of Musk: BATH THERAPIES

The past few days have been really busy. I finally moved from the hotel to my apartment in Madrid . Moving houses in the middle of the work week is such a hassle. Last night I was up until 2 AM at my new apartment unpacking my stuff .

Long days like these and nothing is more stress-relieving and pleasurable than a long drawn bath to blank off my mind from worries and soothe my tired limbs.

Thankfully, the apartment provided by the company I work for has a bathtub which makes bath time more pleasurable. A tub + scented body washes + Yiruma's music = my current favorite mode of stress relief.

These are a few of my current bath therapy items. All items are Made in EUROPE but are surprisingly not too pricey. Seriously, I was surprised how inexpensive and big the bodycare products are in Spain. 750 ml for 3.0€?!When I lived in Korea, a 450 ml bodywash from Skinfood costs at least 5.0€ .

Instituto Espanol Chocolate and Glycerine Body Wash 750 ml ( 3.0 € per 750 ml, Made in Spain) ~ I saw this at Carrefour and it was choco love at first whiff. Instituto Espanol is a brand more famous for its line of body and skincare products for atopic dermatitis, but the brand also has less expensive lines such as their body wash lines which are sold in big supermarkets and pharmacies. I have been looking for something similar to the now discontinued Skinfood Cappucino Body Scrub, and I think this is it. It's a body wash so you don't need a bathtub to use it though I sometimes use it for bubble baths. Because it has a lot of cocoa butter it is labeled as a moisturizing body wash. Chocolate indulgence wihout the calories! There is something so exquisite about taking a bath and smelling all chocolatey and yummy, no?

Le Petit Marseillais Leche de Almendras Dulces Body Wash (650 ml for 3.20€, Made in France) It's a Milk and Almond scented body wash made for children. The brand, Le Petit Marseillais, is actually owned by Johnson & Johnson but I think that this body care brand for kids is only marketed in Europe at the moment. I love this brand, all the items are formulated for kids so these are very mild products. The prices of Le Petit Marseillais goodies, while not the cheapest, are reasonable. I've tried both the Vanilla Milk (in yellow bottle) and this variant of their bodywash but I like this more because it smells like candy. I love using this body wash with Denenes Agua Colonia at night. I guess, in my delusion, this would help me sleep (and smell!) like a baby. :)

Veckia Relaxing Body Salts in Rose Musk (500 g, 2.90€). It's a product specifically made for long soaks in the bathtub. The scent is not too strong and really clings to the skin. Not for everyday use since a bottle will give you only about 10 bath soaks. So I try to make a bottle last me a month. The one in the picture is my third bottle of Veckia. There's another variant but I like the rose petal scent too much to venture into trying out the other Marine-inspired, green colored salt variant.

These are my bath joys at the moment, how about you? Do you love taking long baths too?

Note: I made this post fourteen days ago but I only got my internet connection at the apartment today, so it's a bit overdue. The pictures above are the pictures of the items when they were newly bought.
BEFORE (Newly bought stocks):

Here's the AFTER :-)

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