Saturday, 2 March 2013

Liz and Descubrick

Miss Liz, the awesome friend who lives in The Netherlands, came to Spain for a two-day visit in mid-January.

In a way, it does feel as if her visit was the perfect segue for my new life in Spain. You see, we first met in Seoul, working for the same company. Nearly a year after she left Seoul for The Netherlands, I finally got the chance to come to live in Spain. And this is our first adventure in EU. Two days in Madrid is not enough. But I think we did well in one aspect: F-O-O-D!

Tapas at La Cantinetta on the night she arrived:

Green Olives

Jamon Iberico on a Baguette: surprisingly filling. The Jamon in Spain is salty and smells too strongly for those with unaccustomed palates like us. But partnered with crusty bread, the jamon flavor becomes milder and therefore, more delicious!

Croquettas: croquettes filled with velvety potatoes and bits of spanish ham. Liz didn't like this much, but I love anything fried and full of potatoes so this one I liked.

The next day we went to the Factory Outlet in North Madrid but I've blogged about that in another post, so let's talk about the lunch we had a restaurant near the factory instead.

Chicken Ceasar Salad--- humongous and tasty! Nevermind the calorific dressing.

Mixta --- grilled meats of chicken and beef, awesome patatas bravas and a choice of dips. Great value for money!

Tostas--- Beef and foie gras pate, salmon, huevos and sausages

This lunch for 3 persons with drinks cost us 32€. Not bad at all.

On her last day, we went walking looking for a place to eat and stumbled upon Descubrick.
Miss Liz and Descubrick

Bread and Crema Calabaza: These are complementary, i.e., free. As always, the crusty bread is a winner. The Crema Calabaza was a smooth and surprisingly delicious soup tasting purely of squash with no heavy cream undertones.

Awesome Salad: fried cheese, candied walnut, crisp greens, and the best sweetish and herby dressing we've tasted

Sirloin and shoestring fries The steak while not too big was cooked well. The fries, though, was a letdown. Tasted like Piknik fries to us.

Apple Tart :Delicious but the small portion was bitin. Or maybe I'm just a glutton

In between these eat-outs we went to Central Madrid and spent hours laughing and chitchatting. But I think the best bonding moments for us are showcased in the images above; good food and delicious news. And chismis, lol. In mid-March I'm off to couchsurf at Liz's flat for a brief weekend break. I Can't wait to try Dutch food, take in the sights, and more importantly, devour hearty servings of laughter and chismis!


  1. Everything looks so delicious. :)Makes me want to visit Spain real soon. :D

    The Sun Kissed Girl

  2. Many people confuse croquetas with french or italian croquettes (made of potato), but in Spain they're made of bechamel :)
    As you wrote, they're so velvety, though, I can see why someone would get confused :)
    Enjoy your stay in Madrid! If you have a chance, make sure you visit Salamanca someday, just a weekend is more than enough, and the visit, touristically and gastronomically speaking, it's worth it! :)

  3. Hi Luisa! So that's why those croquetas were so velvety! I thought they were just mashed very finely, but now it makes sense knowing that it is made of bechamel sauce. I haven't eaten croquetas for a long time, maybe it's time to buy some again :-)

    I will definitely visit Salamanca. Maybe one of the weekends in October :-) Thanks for visiting!


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