Friday, 22 March 2013

What I got for 10€ from MNG

The downside of managing a shop with monthly shopping sprees is you get to learn about good bargains. It's part of our job at the shop to inform clients of sales and great finds.

Take for example, a recent order from MNG(Mango) for a pair of 40.00€ pants. The night before this order came, I have already bought the bulk of the Mango orders so I had nothing to add to the 40€ order to reach the 50€ minimum for free delivery.

What can one do but look for something interesting to add to the item? The ordered pants is a new release and is very fast moving, so I really wanted to order the pants and cross out the item from my To-Order list.

That's how I ended up with this:

A brand new orange Mango wallet with faux crocodile leather pattern. Bought for 9.99€,discounted from the regular price of 17.00€. To be fair, a new wallet is something I should have bought months ago since my three year old bill holder is now a tattered, abused shadow of its once classy self.

The Wallet Up Close:

The wallet has double sided bill holders, slots for 8 cards and a coin holder in the middle.

I didn't consciously choose the color when I bought the wallet. It was just the cheapest wallet I liked at and between black and orange, I choose the more colorful one. But look:

My wallet now fully complements my office bag and passport holder! Hurray for the color orange!

P.S. For readers in the Philippines who might be interested to join our Mango, Zara, Pull&Bear Sprees (plus other brands found here in Europe), do add the shop's FB: davaotlcshop to get updates of our spree schedules and on hand stocks. Or you can send an inquiry form HERE: Cheers!

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