Sunday, 28 April 2013

Bargain Finds at the Factory

I went to the Factory yesterday with only two missions:
1. To buy the last minute orders for Blanco and Kiko goodies
2. To buy a birthday gift for my brother

I was there for less than two hours, but while I was looking for gifts for my brother at the Benetton shop, I saw these:

I checked the price and saw that from 49€ it was slashed to only 10€ (less than 600 Pesos!)

I checked the available sizes and they only have two: 40 and 41.

I could only sigh at the shopping gods for this cruel trick or perhaps it's a gift, a reward? Because I am size 40! :-) I tried it on and I knew I'll buy them. Bye bye self-restraint!

10€ for such soft Benetton shoes! Not bad, no?

Oh and since we're talking about bargain finds at the Factory, a few weeks ago, I rushed to the factory on a thursday to buy myself some swimming wear because the suit I ordered from Amazon UK have yet to arrive and I was leaving for Budapest the next day.

That's how I discovered O'Neill, an Australian swim and surf brand like the more popular Roxy or Ripcurl. I checked Roxy, Ripcurl, O'Neill and a Spanish inhouse brand, but I ended up buying at O'Neill.

I was able to buy these:

Bikini Set for only 10€! It was on sale from 39€.

I also bought boy shorts to ahem, cover, the flags haha! The boy shorts is also made for swimming and cost about 13€.

Mahal, no? But it's very pretty and can be worn both for swimming and laag around the beach, so I think it's worth it.

That's all for my latest bargain finds from the Factory Outlet in Madrid.

Ciao Bella!


  1. Oh my gahd I love the shoes!!!

  2. More post on your good finds Miss J. Then offer it to us too.

    Cute shoes!

  3. Liz, IkR!

    Mae Beth, Thank you! Cheers!


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