Sunday, 28 April 2013

Cheat Day Sunday: Lazy Food for the Tired and Weary

I've been very busy the past week. Busy at work and then after, at night, busy buying orders and onhand stocks for the shop.

Today, at noon, our three boxes were picked up by the forwarder. For a few weeks, until we begin our sprees again, I will have more me time! Time to blog, travel, play Badminton and watch the shows I've missed the past weeks.

Today, I felt I needed some reward but was too tired to go out. All I really wanted was to eat tasty comfort foods, laze in bed, and watch my favorite tv shows. So I forced myself to walk to the nearby Hipercor(similar to our SM Hypermart) to buy my treats.

Here's my tasty prepared food for my cheat day sunday extravaganza!

Prebaked Pizza with a thin yet chewy crust full of bacon and onions. I just placed them in the oven for 10 minutes and it's done. I was surprised how tasty this was. Cheap too at only 2€ for a big pan.

Crab Salad from the Chilled Section - their version of crab salad contains pineapple chunks, eggs, crab sticks. I didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would. It has way too much mayonnaise. Our version of kani salad in Asia is way better.

Schweppes Limon Zero Calorie - I admit, I don't like coke but I love my country's Dalandan Soda. This is the closest I can get to it, very lemony and not too sweet. That and the zero calorie thing haha!

B-San White Chocolate Digestives (Sugarfree)-These coated digestive cookies are yummy! The cookie part is thin and the chocolate is creamy and not too sweet. Of course, plus points for being sugar free! Only thing is, these are relatively expensive at close to 3€ for a box. More expensive than the pizza! Can you believe that? But let's just pretend that this is my reward for the last few nights of manual labor haha.

Dried Cranberries --- my current favorite snack. I like cranberries because unlike raisins, these are tart and not really sweet. I like how it's sour and salty and sweet. Of course plus points for these being full of antioxidants.

These are my food for today . No meals, just pizza, salad and the sweets. And a marathon viewing of Homeland, Modern Family and Bones.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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