Friday, 19 April 2013

Budapest 02: Food Finds


Hungarian cuisine is known for this.
Hot, Sweet, Medium, Mild.
You name it, they have a Paprika to suit you.


It is delicious and soupy. To my taste, it's like beef stew only with a more watery base. This is one hearty and filling soup.


The traditional Hungarian Chicken Paprika will not please everyone. It has sour cream, so there's a tart and a slightly biting aftertaste. But I like it enough to finish my plate. But the star of this meal is the Nokedli. Or Hungarian Dumplings. Fluffy Pearls which are chewy, creamy and oh so delicious! The Nokedli was the perfect foil to the strong flavors of the Chicken Paprika.


These are hungarian dessert crepes filled with cottage cheese and drizzled with a lemon vanilla sauce. It is not too sweet and not heavy at all.


Or Chimney Cake. The fascination for these goodies starts while you wait for your order to be cooked...

Over charcoals!

Technically a bread, this hungarian "cake" comes in almond, nuts or cinnamon flavors. Well, I looove them all! I don't know how they make it, but the cake comes out toasty and crusty outside,then you bite into the softest cake underside ever. Soft inside, hard and yummy outside!


At Noir Chocobar, a small chocolate cafe that our host brought us to, you'll see vats and vats of chocolates ready to be melted.

And that's what you get when you order a chocolate drink: pure melted chocolate.
If you've tried the thick chocolate which is partnered with churros, well the consistency is the same. Except this one's not from tablea but from actual chocolate bars (with butterfat) that's melted upon order.

My hot chocolate with cherry

I ordered hot chocolate with cherries and I got this crazily sinful cup of semi-sweet melted chocolate with about seven seedless cherries mixed in. Oh, and yes, there's also a lady finger which you can dip into the chocolate.

In Spain where I live, Churros con Chocolate is the bomb. I thought so too, but then I tried this and all I want now is a chance to drink melted chocolate again. Well, maybe in a few months!

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