Sunday, 5 May 2013

Engelse Drop: The Yummy Liquorice

The first time I tried liquorice, it was in a box of Jelly Bellies brought home for me & my brother. Those black shiny liquorice jelly beans were the only beans I hated in the Jelly Belly assortment box. It tasted like cough syrup with a bitter aftertaste.

Liquorice never grew on me. I've tried those long licorice sticks from the US, and even with other flavors combined with the liquorice, I still could not imagine why kids and adults would enjoy chewing into something which tastes like a medicine.

I was oh so willing to steer clear of liquorice-flavored anything for the rest of my life until I was introduced to Dutch liquorice candies when I went on a trip to Holland.

L introduced me to these liquorice candies, known as Engelse Drop~ which literally means English(Engelse) Liquorice(Drop).


Soft, Chewy and not rubbery at all, these liquorice candies are made of black liquorice combined with coconut fondant and different complementary flavors. Some, like the round candies covered with pink and blue nonpareils are crunchy and tastes faintly of cream soda, the black and white cubes taste of liquorice and chocolate, the orange ones tastes of creamy banana, while the pink and white cubes tastes slightly of coconut. The various flavor profiles in the big 600 gram pack, from coconutty to chocolatey and milky, makes eating these drops totally addicting. If I may make a comparison, these are like the Jelly Belly of Dutch candies.

Because I totally love these Engelse Drop myself, I have decided to offer these delicious liquorice candies in our June Sprees together with the new stocks of Lotus Cookie Butters. I promise, if like me, you have hated liquorice all your life, these Engelse Drops will change that. Guaranteed!

TLC Preorder Price for the 600 gram packs of Engelse Drop will be posted at the shop's FB account in early June, please watch out for our announcement if you're interested to try these yummy Engelse Drops!

P.S. Thank you to Lazy Lizzie for introducing me to Engelse Drops and for bringing my personal stash of these yummy candies to Spain last week!

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  1. Test of true friendship iyan teh. Bago mo pa ni-request meron na! Hahahaha!;-)


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