Thursday, 9 May 2013

Good Finds: MCennedy Chocolate Cookies~ Tastes just like the Famous Cookie Brand!

At least once a week, I drop by LIDL to check out the week´s new offerings and special prices.

If you are familiar with Trader Joe´s discount grocery chain in the US then you know how LIDL works. Trader Joe´s by the way, is owned by the Albrechts, the wealthy German family who also owns Aldi.

Stores of the same feather sells very similar items and fight with each other! (Aldi and Trader Joe's are owned by the same company)

In a nutshell, LIDL and Aldi are Europe´s version of Trader Joe´s.

So anyway, I bought a few packs of the Mcennedy Chocolate Cookies for this week's office snacks. I opened the first pack last Tuesday.

Mcennedy´s Packaging is very simple. No fancy presentation here.

The pack has four rows of cookies, with 3 pieces of cookies each row. So a pack contains 12 big cookies. Not bad considering that the cookies are bigger than the cookies in Chips Ahoy.

These cookies are really inexpensive! just a little over 1€ per pack.

The cookies:

Just add a glass of milk! Then dunk the choco chip cookies in the milk! Do you also do this? This is my favorite way to eat choco chip cookies! Of course, I do this only at home! :-)

Cross Section of the Choco Cookies:
Chocful of chocolates!

If you want the soft, chewy kind, well these aren't those type of cookies.These cookies are of the buttery kind just like Chips Ahoy original. In fact, At first bite, my thought was Aha! these taste just like the US Chips Ahoy! The original one in blue packaging! May I emphasize that these comes close to the US version not the Asian version. Is it just me? Why does the Chips Ahoy that's made in Asia taste different than the US made Chips Ahoy? Did they change the ingredients to cut costs and lower the prices of the goodies? There's something different with the cookie texture and I felt the chocolate chips used were a bit different.

So Anyhoo, yeps, Mcennedy is a deadringer for the US Chips Ahoy, the original US version in the blue cookie bag! It´s a bit less sweet though which is good and the Mcennedy cookie has a more pronounced vanilla undertone.

I actually loved these cookies! Cheap and Not too sweet!

In Lidl´s website, they showed the result of a 2012 blind test for Mcennedy´s chocolate chip cookies and other branded cookies and according to the results, Mcennedy came out no. 1. I can´t vouch for it being the best american style chocolate chip cookies, but I can say that it´s a pretty good cookie and for the price, this really is another great food find from Lidl!

Me and my yummy cookie!

***TLCShop offers the MCennedy Chocolate Cookies and other Lidl and ALDI Goodies. New stocks are arriving in June! To inquire about these or other LIDL goodies, you can contact TLCShop through the shop's FB account or send in an inquiry using the shop's inquiry form.


  1. hmmmmmmmm... the best part about chocolate chip cookies is a generous amount of chocolate chips!!!

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