Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Deconstructing Dudok: The Best Apple Pie in the Netherlands

Today I finally tried the best Appeltaart (Apple Pie) in the Netherlands. My Holland-based friends have talked about this pie in hushed wonder, eyes twinkling, complete with wide smiles and their earnest advice for me to try Dudok at least once.

Fortunately, Dudok Patisserie is based in Rotterdam where I am currently on vacation, and so today, the BFF and I went to Dudok for a pre-dinner merienda.

The Apple Pie of Lore

Apple Pie A la Mode: Apple Pie with cinnamon ice cream and whipped cream

The perfect complement: A glass of fresh mint tea with honey (shown with the complementary Dudok tea biscuit)

What is so great about the Dudok Apple Pie?

First, layers upon layers of apple slivers ensconced in a cinnamon based gelee. Most apple pies have mushy fillings, but this tower of a pie has the perfect blend of crispy apple pieces and hot cinnamon liquid.

This is a perfectly nuanced pie: sweet but with the zing of warm, comforting cinnamon and a brown sugar streusel. The cinnamon ice cream is the perfect counterpoint to this hot, hefty pie. The whipped cream is not even necessary, if you ask me.

A hefty slice of Dudok Apple Pie is 3.25€, certainly not that cheap, but is reasonable for the big slice.

We ordered two pies, but ended up eating only the Apple Pie and took home this pretty, sunshiny lemon merengue pie:

Is this the best apple pie in the Netherlands? Well, I don't have the right qualifications to judge, but it sure is the best apple pie I've tried so far!

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