Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Holland Summer 2013: A Walk in the Park

A few days before I went on vacation, my Venezuelan officemate asked me where I was going for my holiday. I said, "Holland". She replied, "Again?!" She knew that I visited Holland just a few months ago and I suppose it is expected for someone like me who is not from Europe to maximize my vacation by traveling to a EU country I have not yet visited. And yes, certainly, I still have a long list of countries in my to-go list but I decided to spend my 10-day vacation in Holland for the simple reason that three of my BFFs are based here. As exhilarating as it is to travel to someplace new, there is nothing more soothing to the soul than laughter, misadventures, and long-winded conversations among old friends.

Today at close to sundown, the BFF and I meandered through the park near his apartment. I have to admit that I always felt that Holland was kind of boring, with its flat landscape and canals, but when I found this park, I thought, Wow! Rotterdam has a lot of hidden charms!

Locals having a picnic

The placid lake


The bridge

A windmill across the water

There are benches strewn around the park, people jogging, couples and families having picnics, with even a few teenagers trying to fish at the lake.

A park with windmills, manmade lagoons and a lake big enough for sailboats! It must be wonderful to live so close to a green sanctuary such as this, where one could run/read a book/soak in the sun/ dream up ideas/ spend happy times for free. And yes, it is little pockets of discoveries such as this that I enjoy the most in my travels. Local parks like these that cannot be found on any of the travel books, like little insider secrets enjoyed by the locals as an essential part of their everyday lives.

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