Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Sweet Streets of Brussels

When you hear Belgium what comes to mind? Admit it, one sinful but oh so delicious image floats through your mind and tastebuds.

Theobroma - Food for the Gods- Xocolat

Glorious, freshly made chocolates such as these:
Neuhaus Chocolaterie, Brussels

The city center of Brussels around the Grand Place is the perfect place to indulge in chocolates as stores upon stores of chocolates surround the square.

From famous brands such as Mary's, Godiva and Neuhaus to the not-so-famous, true blue artisanal Belgian chocolate shops. One is spoiled for choice.

This is a chocoholics dream town. While I don't really like chocolates that much, I still wanted to have that belgian chocolate experience so I zeroed in on two Sweets Shops to try on my Brussels trip, these are shops that have gained awesome reviews for their passion for chocolates and macarons.

Neuhaus Chocolaterie: a world famous gourmet chocolate brand from Brussels

Our tiny stash from Neuhaus:

Pierre Marcolini: the hip Belgian chocolate chocolate shop with a modern take on desserts and chocolates

Our macaron tube from Pierre Marcolini:

The chocolates from Neuhaus are creamy and not too sweet but to be honest, it wasn't as earth-shaking as the Bernachon chocolates from Lyon.

In contrast, the macarons from Pierre Marcolini are 100% awesome! I have tried macarons from french-inspired bakeries in Korea before and was never impressed. Maybe something got lost in translation? But these were delicious. Some of the macarons from Pierre Marcolini are too sweet for me, but the Speculoos macaron was utterly delicious! It was redolent of the sweet burnt flavor we have come to associate with Speculoos goodies. A box of seven macarons sell for 10€.

Let's see how these macarons compare to the much-worshipped Parisian macarons from Laduree and Pierre Herme. Will try to taste these macarons this weekend when I embark on the last leg of my summer vacation to the City of Lights.

That's it for now, Cheers! Enjoy the sweet life, wherever you are!


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