Saturday, 19 October 2013

Cheat Day Friday: VALOR Crocan Dulce de Leche Chocolate Bar

I found a new crunchy chocolate love! Sorry, Nestle Crunch! At the moment, Valor Crocan is tops for me!

Let me first tell you about my love for Nestle Crunch. I have loved Nestle Crunch for so long, and felt nothing could come close to the perfect mix of crunch and sweet, creamy chocolate. It was, and still is, the chocolate bar that reminds of childhood joys. A few months ago, I raved about Ovomaltine Crunchy Spread. It was delicious! And, to my mind, was the closest approximation of what Nestle Crunch would be if it was turned into a spread. But even then, there was still nothing like the joy of letting my calorie-counting self go, and eating one big bar of Crunch in one sitting.

But then a few months ago, I saw that Valor had a new chocolate bar. And there was the magic words:
Dulce de Leche! Crujiente! Caramel! Crunchy!
Look how big a Valor Crocan Bar is!

It was on introductory sale: Buy one at full price, get the second bar at half. So I bought two.
I finally opened a bar and ohlala! What magic it was! The combination of crunchy cookie crisp balls, the dulce de leche sweetness and the not-too-sweet chocolate is perfect.

The shiny silver lining

Valor Crocan squares of deliciousness!

To see how amazingly crunchy-crispy this chocolate is, we have to look at its underside!

Look at those striations of dulce de leche covered nubbies and milky, not too sweet milk chocolate!

What is great about this chocolate bar is that the chocolate itself isn't really that sweet. It's more of a milky chocolate with vanilla tones. And then you have bursts of crunchy, caramel sweetness from the dulce de leche covered cookie bits. And that to me, is chocolate heaven.

About Valor: Valor is a Spanish chocolate maker with a long history. Started in 1882, it has specialty shops all over Spain.

A Valor Chocolateria in Salamanca, Spain

The brand also sells some of their chocolate bars in big supermarkets in Spain. Now that I think about it, Valor is like the Lindt of Spain, albeit, not too famous outside of the country. Yet.
I have seen their chocolates for months, and was always tempted but was never able to push myself to buy a bar. It's because Valor's chocolates are priced a bit higher than other chocolate brands here, like Milka or Bellarom or Kinder. They are really a bit like Lindt. Valor's bars are not too probibitively expensive, but these arealways a bit steeper than other supermarket chocolate brands.

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