Saturday, 19 October 2013

Salamanca Good Eats: Delicious Stuffed Peppers and Veal Burgers

Salamanca is not known for its culinary offerings so imagine our pleasant surprise  when we were served consistently great-tasting food at its restaurants during our weekend stay.

Corillo Restaurant, near the House of Conch Shells

This restaurant is literally a stone's throw away from the charming Inn we stayed at. They have a 15€ set menu. So that's what I had.

My delicious first course: red peppers stuffed with seafood and creamy potato. Absolutely delicious! 

My second course: Traditional albondigas (meatballs) served with fried potato strips

For dessert: A very light and fluffy chocolate cream cake! 

In the evening, one can dine al fresco in one of the restaurants lining the streets of the old city. I split two large plates of tapas with a friend for dinner: a plate of grilled prawns, simply seasoned with rock salt and pepper, but these were the sweetest, most fresh- tasting prawns I've eaten in Spain. We also had a giant platter of calamares. Again, the calamares was outstanding! Seasoned perfectly, with delicious and crisp breading and, more importantly, very soft, fresh tasting squid! Unfortunately I have no pictures of our awesome tapa dinner as I forgot, in my hunger, to take pics. :-(  But take my word for it, Salamanca has great, value for money tapas!

Las Tapas de Gonzalo, in front of Salamanca's Plaza Mayor

A view of the Plaza Mayor from the restaurant.

This restaurant has a cool, hippy vibe to it. Look at their pretty plates!

An appetizer of croquetas de Jamon.
Creamy and delicious as all good croquetas should be!

My main course of veal mini burgers ( known in the US as sliders) served with a side of fried root veggie chips.
The burger was juicy and tasty though it was a bit too cooked for my taste. But that's just my preference, since I like a bit of red in my meats a.k.a. medium rare.

It was really a  surprise that Salamanca is underrated when it comes to its gastronomic offerings. The food is great and well priced! Meals at restaurants range from 15 to 25€ and in the evenings one can get by eating plates of  tapas. Truly, Salamanca is one destination to visit in Spain, both for the sights and the food!

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