Saturday, 8 February 2014

Grocery Shopping: What 23€ Can Buy in Madrid

Last December, when I went home to Manila, I was shocked at the high prices of grocery items.  I thought, wow, the prices of goodies here aren't much different from the prices in Spain!  It may well be a subjective reaction on my part.  Maybe, I was just being forgetful of how the prices of goodies have gone up in recent years.  I don't really know.  Today, after I bought my one week grocery supply,  I decided to list down the prices of the goods.  Just to check if it is a fair assessment to say that grocery prices in Madrid are not that high compared to the Philippines and are definitely lower compared to other EU countries.  Here are the goodies I bought with their prices.  Am I right to think that the prices of goods in Manila have gone way up and are close to the prices in Madrid?  Let me know your opinion!

    Contents of my shopping bag

A pack of Bacon (1.40 € /  84 PhP); A  pack of 6 Chicken-Turkey Burger Patties ( 3.90€ / 234 PhP) ; A big pack of Crabsticks ( 1.95 €/ 117 PhP)

A basket of Lemons ( 1.50€ / 90 PhP) ; A pack of four Avocados ( 3.13€ / 188 PhP)

A tube of white onions (0.95€ / 57 PhP);    A big Californian Salad complete with a dressing packet, croutons, ham and raisins (2.50€ / 150 PhP)

A bottle of Salad Dressing ( 1.80€ / 108 PhP); A pack of Butter (1.10€/ 66 PhP); A box of Stevia Natural Sweetener ( 1.90€/ 114 PhP);    a jar of Sea Salt with Herbs ( 1.55€ / 93 PhP

Two packs of Mini Pizza Crackers ( 0.90€ / 54 PhP);  A pack of Cortezas Cerdo or chicharon in Filipino  (0.75€ / 45 PhP)

My total grocery bill   was 23.33€,which is about 1,400 PhP.   Pretty low by European standards.  In the more expensive Euro  cities, Paris and Amsterdam for example, 23€ would only get you one decent lunch meal at a neighborhood restaurant.

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