Sunday, 16 February 2014

When in Madrid: Try the Torrezno at Toma Jamon

Cava Baja in Central Madrid is a street that´s pretty famous for its tapa bars.

Unlike the Sol or Gran Via area, where prices of food are a bit too touristy (i.e. expensive),  Cava Baja´s tapa bars are cheap.  It is a favorite chillout place of the locals.  The place to go to wind down from work. 

A favorite tapa bar in Cava Baja is Toma Jamon

Though it´s name (Toma Jamon) denotes  "eat ham" and they do offer ham and other Spanish tapas such as tortillas and calamares,  Toma Jamon´s  specialty is actually Torrezno de Avila, a type of roasted bacon.

It´s really delicious!  Strips of roasted pork with crispy skin and soft, fat streaked meat.  It reminded me a bit of a local specialty in my hometown called bagnet.  There is no sauce that goes with the torrezno, only a sprinkling of salt, and that´s enough, showcasing the clean pork flavor.  It is served with roasted peppers, a side of green olives  and a plate of white bread. 

A plate of torrezno with the accompanying olives and bread plus two glasses of wine only costs about 14€.  Really value for money, not to mention, porky-licious! 

Calle Cava Baja 10, Madrid
Nearby Metro Station: La Latina


  1. Ok so next na punta ko ha! Date ito. Hahaha! ;-)

  2. Beautiful pork! I really like how cleanly it is served so that the actual meat can be celebrated. Great share :)
    Maita @ Mrs. Diaz

  3. Lizzie! Yes, we´ll go here when you visit!

    Maita! Thanks for visiting! Yes, the clean porky taste is above par!


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