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March Food Finds: Tart, Sweet, Smokin´Hot and Chips That Are Supposed to Be Good For You

Hello!  So I have been busy the past few weeks with a day job, the shop and a super secret project I am working on during weekends.  But, hey,  that doesn´t mean I have stopped gathering things to write about.   It´s nearly the end of March!  The past  weekends, a friend visited from Holland, I had two new Pinay friends come to my flat for some chika moments,  an uncle died, plus of course there were the pre-buy sessions at TLCShop.  Wheew,  I can´t wait for April!  Because it´s Semana Santa on the 3rd week of April,  I´d have four days of vacation.  And I am all set to go to someplace colder.  These are countries I´ve never visited before so  I am really excited!

In  the meantime, let´s have  some food porn, if you don´t mind :)  Presenting, my four yummy food finds for March 2014!

 Hacendado Capricho  Lemon Meringue Pie:  My ideal version of Brazo de Mercedes

Fresh from my still ongoing obsession with Robertson´s Lemon Curd,  I was excited to see this lemon dessert on the refrigerated section of my neighborhood supermarket.   It was inexpensive ( at 2€ for a pack of four single serve containers).  The closet dieter in me was also happy to see that a single serving had relatively low calories at only  190 kcal per serving.

Okay so the actual product has a disproportionately thicker merengue layer than the image on the packaging, but it was surprisingly not  a bad thing.  The merengue wasn´t  too sweet, the lemon curd layer and the bottom graham cracker crust  provided the expected zing of lemon and  just enough sweetness.  Mmmmm,  this is is the taste of  my ideal brazo de mercedes!  A thick and fluffy merengue with a tart lemon curd filling instead of the usual sickly sweet custard.  Totally addicting.  Proof?  I´ve bought a pack of this every Sunday,for the past two weeks and each time,  the four serving pack only lasts  for two days in my house.  Yes, I eat two  servings a day.  Truth, I can eat the four serving pack in a day, but I still have some self control :)

 Snatt´s NatuChips:  The (Supposedly)  Good Chips

I admit, I bought a bag of Snatt´s not because these chips are supposed to be good for you,  but because they were on sale for only  1€  from the regular retail price of 1.45€.  But okay, these chips are supposed to be the best chips to snack on because they are made from  a "healthy¨mix of rice, potato starch and soya bean starch.  These are also baked, not fried ant there´s  no gluten in this snack so Celiac sufferers and those with gluten intolerance can eat this.  An 85 g bag contains only 300 kcals compared to  the 550 kcals of a bag of potato chips.

The big question is, does it taste good?  Well, that depends.  These chips  can never be as delicious as my favorite Ruffles potato chips, but they aren´t that bad.   The texture of the chips is a cross between a puffed cereal chip such as PopCorners ( which I hate for their bland flavors)  and a chip made from potato starch such as Pringles.  The flavor (Barbecue) is actually good.   It´s the in-between texture of the chips that might prove to be a little bit off for some snackers.  But for me, the 250 kcal difference between these and the regular potato chips is enough incentive  to  stick with these NatuChips for my chip cravings.

Dark Chocolate-covered Orange Peel :  A Delicious,  Not Too Sweet Treat from Tiger

I went to Tiger a couple of Sundays ago to buy  pencils, a sketch pad  plus some drawing tools and saw boxes of their new chocolate goodies.  I picked up a box of the  Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Peel (2€).  I was intrigued because I like citrusy flavors and I don´t really like too sweet goodies.  The combination of Dark Chocolate and Orange Flavor seemed promising.

And it is a delightful flavor mix!  Strips of candied orange peel, full of that slightly astringent citrus flavor, are covered with a very mild yet creamy  bittersweet chocolate. This is perfect for the occasional craving for chocs.  A few choco-covered strips are all I need to feel choco happy.  At 2€ for a small 70g box, this isn´t the cheapest way to get your cacao fix,  but this treat has a slightly sophisticated riff on the usual choc treats, so to me, it is well worth it.

Wasabi Almond:  Smokin´  Hot Nuts!
Almond, my favorite kind of nut, toasted and coated with the most perfect wasabi flavor ever.  To say that it is simply delicious is an understatement.  I. love. wasabi. almonds.
What makes this snack perfect is the on point flavor of wasabi -- it hits your senses subtly, with a slight heat  and then the flavor goes through your nose, and there it is, the smokey kick of wasabi without the usual teary eyed after effect.   The folks at Lidl, who makes this Deluxe Wasabi Almond snack,  hit the flavor jackppot with this product.  It isb´t that cheap.  At close to 2€ of a small can, but,  for the wasabi flavor alone,  I  shall remind myself  to buy another can this weekend.

That´s it for my March snack finds.  What about you? What´s your current snack addiction(s)?

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