Monday, 31 March 2014

Food Finds: Green Gunk on my Tasty (Bread)!

 Bacon on crustless white bread,  green gunk on another slice of bread, and freshly squeezed lemon with a dash of Stevia.

Tonight´s dinner is other people´s breakfast fare.  But life is short  and I live alone so I can eat what I want whenever I want. Ice cream for breakfast.  Chips for lunch. Chinese fried rice for  midnight snack.  I say, Cheers to the perks of living on my own!

Butt this post is about the green gunk above, smeared oh so thickly on my pristine white bread.  I suppose looking at the tiny black specks  throughout the green gunk, you now have a hint of what it is.  :)

 Here´s a better image of the goop on my bread.

                       My jar of delicious green goop, otherwise known as Kiwi Marmalade

Here´s the story:  So I  have finished  my bottle of Robertson´s Lemon Curd in just a month´s time.  I was really set on buying another jar  of lemon curd this weekend, but it´s been raining in Madrid  and I was in no mood to walk for twenty minutes in the cold rain just to buy a jar  of lemon curd.   Serendipitously,  I dropped by Lidl , which is just five minutes away,  to buy a bag of lemons and saw that they have  a new line of Deluxe artisanal  marmalades on offer.  There were only two variants available, Tomato and Kiwi.  I don´t really like tomato except in catsup form, and could not really imagine tomato jam on my sandwich, so I picked the  Kiwi marmalade!

The packaging states that the marmalade is 70% made of Kiwi fruit.  The ingredient list is short: kiwi,  lemon concentrate, sugar and pectin.   I was excited and apprehensive trying out this marmalade.  First, Kiwi is not exactly a sweet fruit.  It has that biting flavor that some people like and others hate.  I myself love Kiwis because I don´t really like sweet fruits.  I want my fruit a bit tart, hence my love for lemons, green apples, avocados and green mangoes.   But still, one excepts some sweetness in a marmalade, right?  So I was curious to find out if  kiwi can translate well into a good marmalade.

So how was it? Effin' Amazing!  The marmalade wasn´t as tart as I expected,  the sweetness is spot on,  and best of all, it tasted soooo like Kiwi,  the kind of kiwi fruits that are perfectly ripe and delicious.   For me, the  best part is the texture.  The little Kiwi black seeds provide a slightly nutty and gritty texture to the otherwise smooth as silk marmalade.  Is it my new favorite sweet spread? Hmmm, that´s hard to answer because I still love Robertson´s Lemon Curd  but this Kiwi Marmalade is 100% delicious!  Seeing how yummy this is,  I am slightly curious if that Tomato Marmalade might also be a pleasant surprise to my palate.  But well see, in the meantime I have a jar of delicious green gunk to indulge in.

 Price: 2.5€ for a 400 g jar.  It´s a bit more expensive than Robertson´s Lemon Curd.

Availability:  This is a limited offering from Lidl Spain for April 2014.  I checked the expiration date  and it´s on April 2016.  Hmmm, I might just buy a jar or two more before April ends.

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