Thursday, 3 April 2014

Cheat Day Friday: Apple and Buckwheat Bar

I bought a jar of  Kiwi Marmalade and a bar of Apple and Buckwheat Chocolate from Lidl a few days ago. Talk about unusual flavors!

 I have opened my jar of Kiwi marmalade and  declared it delicious.  Now it´s time to find out if apple and buckwheat and chocolate  = delicious too!

The big 185 grams box of J.D. Gross Apple and Buckwheat Milk Chocolate costs  about 2.50€.  Not exactly cheap, but there was the pull of chocolate in a novel and hopefully scrumptious flavor combination.

What I assumed to be one gigantic bar of Apple Flavored Chocolate turned out to be a box of about 10 individual servings of chocolates:

                                There used to be ten, and now there´s six. I´ve eaten four  :)

The petite sizes are good for grazers like me who don´t want to eat a big bar of choc in one go.  If you are like me who can´t stand the sight of  opened, unfinished chocolate bars in the ref.   These beautifully wrapped little bars of chocolates are just the perfect tiny packages of indulgence.

But what about the apple in the chocolate?


The chocolate is not too sweet, which is great.  And the apple flavor is there but it isn´t that bold.  Let´s be honest here, of course the apple flavor in this chocolate isn´t as full on as the flavor we enjoy when we bite into a juicy golden delicious, but  there is a clear and not too artificial apple flavor in the chocolate.  You know how the strawberry in strawberry-flavored chocs have that  slightly sour and unmistakable strawberry flavor?  Same bananas.

The buckwheat element in the chocolate is really for textural play. The chocolate has a cracker like layer made of buckwheat.  I can´t really distinguish the buckwheat flavor from, say, a plain sweet cookie layer.  But that could be because I have never been fond of buckwheat except when it is noodle form (Soba and Naengmyeon are made from buckwheat).

This is a really a good chocolate with enough unusual flavor to make it stand above the rest of the usual caramel / cookies/mint/ creme and chocolate combinations.  Although the base is Milk Chocolate, and thus sweeter than dark chocs,  I am happy to note that  the chocolate itself is creamy and not too sugary, just enough to let its apple flavor to take center stage. Kudos too for the thoughtful packaging of small single serve bars.

Today´s sweet treat is wonderful.  And because it´s friday,  I shall cheat a little bit more and forget about  my chores and to-dos.  I shall get to them tomorrow.  Today  I shall enjoy the rain,  this cold  start for the weekend, cocooned in my little flat.  Happy with simple, not too expensive things: a box of apple chocolates and a few sweet hours to watch my fill of  the third season of  my favorite series of the moment, Homeland.

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