Saturday, 6 December 2014

Simple UK´s Mint Shower Gel is a Freshness Bomb

2009, Manila. My friend Di raved and raved about this amazing mint body wash she got from the UK.  It´s so refreshing, it leaves you tingly!  And so being the great friend that she is, she transferred a not inconsequential amount of her prized stash into a 100 ml container and gave it to me to try.

My friend Di´s fave: Original Source Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel
        In a good way. Actually, that´s an understatement. It was  more like, holy cow, this is amazing! Mint in a shower gel! This is perfect for the Philippines! We loved it so much we even hatched a plan of distributing these products in the Philippines.  But then, as most plans go, we got waylaid to other things, and I went back to Korea.

2014, Madrid.  I was out on a girl talk session with A, a friend who, before meeting her in Madrid, was a client of TLC Shop way back in 2009.   We were talking about travel, online shopping and such, and she mentioned in passing how she loves Simple, a UK skincare line which she orders from the UK.

So two ordinary  events years apart. Nothing to it, except I remember them now, silvery threads of happenstance leading to this post. Which is essentially about Simple and mint. Or to be blunt, this is a rave about a new product I bought a week ago from the Madrid branch of Dealz.

                                              My two good finds from Dealz

There were Original Source shower gels on hand but only in the Pink Grapefruit variant. Of course, I bought one to try. My verdict:  while it smells great, it didn´t have that freshness factor of the Mint variant.

The Simple brand was better represented with a number of variants available.  Of course, the first one I grabbed was the Invigorating Shower Gel in Fresh Mint.

But first, here´s  a short backgrounder on Simple UK. It´s a UK skincare brand for sensitive skin.  Its products have no artificial perfumes, lanolin, and dyes. Most of the items are suited for vegans, meaning it does not use animal-derived ingredients. The packaging is sparse too.  The best part?  These products  are not expensive!

Now how about the Invigorating Shower Gel? It lived up to its promise.  Invigorating. An awesome, tingling shower gel to be used in the morning to wake up my skin and senses.   I like that though there is that tingly mint afterfeel, it smells not too strongly of it, in fact there is more of a subtle lemon scent.  And at 1.5€ for 250 ml, a steal too!

I loved this Simple product so much that the next time I went to Dealz,  I hoarded other Simple goodies.

My Simple haul

My second haul of Simple products: Another bottle of the Invigorating Shower Gel, Nourishing Body Wash (enriched with Chamomile), Refreshing Shower Gel (enriched with Cucumber) and a two-pack of their Simple Pure soap.  All items were just 1.5€ each! Cheap, no-frills, simple and certainly smile-worthy. :-)


  1. I have a sample from an Original Source product, but I don't remember exactly what it was. Those products for sensitive skin look like my kind of thing.

  2. Hahaha the mint shower gel is my boyfriend's favorite too! He fell in love with it in Dublin and had exactly the same thoughts about how amazing it would be in the Philippines! I think the Japanese brand Rosette has a Hello Kitty minty face wash which is also really refreshing. :)

  3. Hi Marox, yes the Simple brand looks really promising! I think I have already bought all the Simple products available at Dealz!

    Vita: Yay! Is your boyfriend Filipino? Yeah, I really think these mint bath stuff would be a big hit in the Philippines! I am going to see if our hypothesis is correct, will bring home with me a dozen or so of the Simple Mint gels haha:-)


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