Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Sweet Treats: Why You Should Try Nestle UK's Caramac Caramel Bar

One reason:  It tastes pretty close to Nestle's Alpine White Bar

                                                                            The much missed  Alpine White Bar

The Alpine White Bar is a  discontinued but much loved white bar of deliciousness.  It was my, and I suspect most of my generation's  first and most pleasant encounter with what is now known as white chocolate.

My love for Alpine White is deep as it represented my childhood summers.
  I, a city child,  would go to Ilocos every summer to spend two months with my grandparents.  And often, my parents would send me off on my summer adventures  with a six-pack of my beloved Alpine White bars.  Thus these white bars wrapped in shiny silver paper marked the start of my carefree summer days,  away from school, away from the city,  nestled happily within the indulgent love of my grandparents.

Sadly,  Nestle discontinued the Alpine White Bars in the 90s.

                                The Caramac Bar

Enter Caramac,  described as a caramel bar made of milk and caramelized syrup.  I do think the name is  a misnomer, because Caramac's dominant flavor is  creamy milk.  It does not have that strong, overly sweet, burnt sugar flavor we have come to love in caramels.  It really is a milk bar with a subtle caramel undertone,  and the truest description I can offer is that it is creamy, sweet, and really  tastes like Nestle's long gone Alpine Milk Bar.

A  Caramac bar containing  six portions has only 174 kcals compared to the 250 kcals of a Mars, Twix, or Lion Bar.  So it is a good choice for a sweet to indulge in from time to time. The downside is that this sweet is a bit hard to find as it is only available in the UK and its commonwealth nations ( Australia and Canada ).

Still, for those who, like me,  once enjoyed the creamy milk flavor of  Nestle Alpine White or those who prefer white chocolate over milk or dark,  Caramac is a perfect addition to our arsenal of sweets.  Don't pass on it if you get the chance to try Caramac.

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