Friday, 17 June 2011

I Love You, Bella Bamba!

This is my current make-up obsession: Benefit Blushes

Once upon a time, actually just a few months ago , I was a loyal user of inexpensive yet good Korean cream blushes. Why not, when both Skinfood Rose Cheek Chalk and Lioele Peach Beam Blusher did the job at extremely reasonable prices (about $8 dollars each).

Of course, I’ve heard of Benefit and I knew of the Benetint and Corralista, the brand’s much raved about blushes. The problem is , Benefit items are amazingly pricey in Seoul. A full size of Benetint costs about $45. It was just not practical to buy a tube of something I might not like when I was completely satisfied with my 8 dollar blushes.

But a few months ago, I bought Benefit’s Finding Mr. Bright Kit, which contains a travel-sized Posie Tint, a sheer but super pretty liquid pink stain with a great staying power. I used it in sweltering heat in Pinas, and it stayed on!

So when a friend went to the US for a business trip, I asked him to buy some Benefit stuff for me. Two months on, and I’ve been using nothing but Benefit blushes. Can you smell addiction?

My Benefit Blushes:

Bella Bamba: A very pigmented blush with gold sparkles. It is described as a watermelon shade at the Benefit site. Depends on how heavy you are with swatching, you can get really colored cheeks or a slight flushed look with this beauty. This is what I use most of the time. I think the color will suit all tones. It's not really very shimmery, just a hint of sparkle to make your cheeks shine.

Posie Tint: a sheet yet ultra pink tint to give you that oh so natural flush. It’s a lip and cheek tint, but I use it only on my cheeks haha. Just a teeny swipe on your cheek will give you a day’s worth of flushed cheeks.

Dandelion: This is actually a highlighter powder which you can swipe on your temples, cheeks, nose and forehead for a bit of contouring. But I use it at times as a blush (I do need to apply more when used as a blush though, but at least it is buildable). Because it is so light, you just get a subtle but there coral tinge.

From the Lightest to Darkest: Dandelion, Posie Tint, Bella Bamba

(Yes, the background of the pics is the latest issue of High Cut Magazine featuring Ko Soo, a popular Korean actor)

What I love about Benefit Blushes:
1. Expensive but cost-effective. Most of their blushes retails for $28 plus taxes in the States. But you only need a bit to get the blushes working.

2. Fragrant yet not overpowering. Bella Bamba, in particular smells like a yummy fruity candy!

3. No-brainer, easy to use blushes even for make-up noobs like me. I think this
goes out to most of the Benefit goodies I have. They’re expensive but are well
worth the price because they do their job well and are pretty easy to use.

Hmmm, maybe I should have made the title, A Cautionary Tale of A New Benefit Junkie.

Postscript: A week ago, my pretty Korean friend let me try her Cha Cha Tint (which she bought here in Seoul for $45!), Benefit’s latest tint~ It's supposedly a mango tint reminiscent of Carribean and Tropical colors. Whatever, haha. It is actually a bright orange tint which when applied, looks really peachy on my skin. It’s actually very pretty but since I still have a lot of Benefit blushes, I’ll wait it out a bit. ☺

Do you also love Benefit blushes or Benefit Products? What’s your favorite? :-)


  1. Bella Bamba sounds really intriguing. I so wanna try it too, but it really would not be practical to get it since I don't always go out of the house and fix myself up anyway. It would just feel stupid getting all made up with nowhere to go, just around the house. Haha.

  2. Blackshirt13: Haha, true sis! It's love in a blush for me, but I dunno if it's justifiable to buy one when you know you won't be going out naman. Ang big pa mandin ng Container ng Bella Bamba. If and when they issue a petit version of Bella Bamba though (thus cheaper and not so long to use) I'd say, GO! :-)

  3. Hmmm... I wonder if Benefit would ever release a mini-palette of sorts with CORALista, Sugarbomb and Bella Bamba in it? Kinda like the Feeling Cheeky minis of the Benetint, Posietint and High Beam. Haha. I wish! ^_^


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